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Get cupping treatment and show off your “Olympic Rings”!

Many spectators have observed our Olympians ringed with circular marks at the Rio games this year. NBC even had a special report entitled “Cupping: Olympics Secret Weapon?” For those unfamiliar with cupping therapy it may look like odd shaped bruises caused from a very strange injury, but in fact it is the result of utilizing an ancient therapy called cupping, which has been a widely used treatment method in China for over 2600 years. 

As a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ortho specialist with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Lin uses cupping masterfully and frequently in his practice to treat sports injuries, musculoskeletal issues and common respiratory issues. 

Despite the media attention that this therapy is currently receiving, you do not need to be a professional athlete to benefit from cupping. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses it to treat musculoskeletal pain, respiratory issues such as the common cold or bronchitis, rheumatic and arthritic diseases, gynecological and fertility disorders, blood disorders, skin issues and to promote general physical and psychological well-being. It is often used in conjunction with Acupuncture, Tui Na and herbal therapies.

In Chinese medicine we also use it as diagnostic tool. Where color arises tells us what meridians need attention and the color of the markings also yield important information that aids in diagnosing.

Outside of treating disease, benefits can be seen in anyone that is experiencing soreness, tension or wants to recover from strenuous physical exertion faster. It works by breaking up stagnation in the area, treating stiffness and pain, and bringing fresh blood and energy to the area to speed recovery of any micro tearing of tissues during activity.

After cupping treatment, people generally feel relaxed and refreshed, and relieved from muscle pains and discomfort from cold symptoms. Dark circles often appear due to rupture of the capillaries just under the skin, but are not the same as a bruise caused by blunt-force trauma, they usually disappear in a week by themselves.

Now Offering Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Services
Cosmetic acupuncture is also known as acupuncture facial rejuvenation, and sometimes called an “acupuncture facelift”.  It is the modern use of traditional Chinese acupuncture techniques to slow the signs of aging, tune up your skin and bring back that youthful glow to your face.
Cosmetic acupuncture is a great choice for anyone who wants to give their skin a little boost, but does not want to inject Botox, fillers, or go the surgical route.  It also works well for younger women (and men) who would like their skin to look its best as it treats acne, eczema, and rosacea as well. 
Here are the top 5 benefits of cosmetic acupuncture:
1.     Its effective. Cosmetic acupuncture increases the circulation in your skin, which tends to get a little sluggish as you age.  The increased circulation brings nutrients like collagen back to where you want it—in your face and neck, and translates into better skin tone, fewer fine lines, and even some lift around sagging jowls and baggy eyes. As Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic treatment system, cosmetic acupuncture conducted by a master acupuncturist like Dr. Lin also takes the approach of tuning up the overall well-being of the whole body and opening up healthy flows of blood and qi by applying needles to related acupuncture points on your face as well as other parts of the body if necessary.
2.     It’s safe.  No side effects here, other than the occasional bruise, which heals in less than a week.  You don’t have to worry about scarring, lumps, or botched procedures. It is all natural and chemical-free. There are no acid peels, Botox, or injectable fillers involved in the process.
3.     It’s painless. You may only feel minimal pinching sensation during the needling process, which is nothing compared to injection and peals, let alone surgery.
4.     It’s inexpensive. You’ll spend less money on cosmetic acupuncture than if you go the plastic surgery or injectable route. Each acupuncture treatment costs about $100 compared to several hundred or even thousands of dollars for injectables or surgery.
5.     It’s relaxing and flexible. Acupuncture increases the release of endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in your brain.  This means that from the time you’re on the table and for hours, sometime days after your treatment, you’ll feel rested and less stressed. There is also no down time with cosmetic acupuncture. You can have a treatment at lunch and head back to work glowing and relaxed.
Collaboration with Pacific Coast Sports Medicine

We recently began a collaboration with Pacific Coast Sports Medicine (PCSM), "a multi-disciplinary group of highly trained and experienced professionals dedicated to providing patients with advanced technology and personalized musculoskeletal care...The team includes MDs (surgical and non-surgical specialists), chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and nutritionists..."

To read more about PCSM and our work with them, please click here.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has thousands years of history in musculoskeletal care and has proven to be a safe, painless and effective approach in healing bone and soft tissue injuries. Dr. Lin has an extensive background and 30 years of experience in orthopedics and pain management using all traditional Chinese medicine methods including acupuncture, tuina and herbs. Conditions treated include whiplash, muscular strain, ligament injuries, sprained & strained joints, tendinitis, bursitis, impingement, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated disc, spondylosis, pirformis syndrome, etc.

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